Chiilin in Miami Like Normal

Howdy followers Miami Florida is an fantastic place to be we are all enjoying ourselves a well needed vacation. My family and I have been rolling around Miami, Florida in our rental car beating all of the travelers to each sight making it so much fun to see and do what ever you wanteverything. We went to shopping yesterday it is was great. My family and I have just been relaxing on the coast besides being tourists my family and I are enjoying it so much. Sorry that this post is so small but I have to return to the fantastic life of a Miamin.

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The Best Surprise ever

Welcome back I am so crazy excited to talk to all of my friends today. Remember when I told you yesterday that my colleague had a surprise for today It was perfect. He rented something so surprising it is ridiculous. He got a rental car but not just a normal automobile a 2011 BMW Z4 Roadster Convertible. I have never sat in a top less car ever. Rolling up and down the shore in a convertible is great. Feeling the current of air in your bangs and just enjoying every minute of it is awesome. I did not believe that it was going to be that such amusement when I first got into the auto motive vehicle but once he steeped on the gas and the motor i was excited. The beach was a good deal of but going to the clubs in a BMW Roadster topless car girls were all over me and my peeps. Renting this car was a perfect thought and I believe that we are going to have to do that once again one time soon.

So tomorrow is going to hard to top yesterday but I believe that I am going to dinner with a friend tomorrow night we will probably go some where great. Besides all of that I will just relax and take it easy get primed for the busy work week. I am non excited for the work week I will have a mess of work to do.

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Day 3 Last night was terrific

Hey followers good morning I hope that all of you guys are doing great. Just to inform you that last night was amazing I had a blast in Miami Florida I drank a little to much but I had a great time with my friends. After I came home I watched Big bang theory it was amazing as always. While I was tipsy last night I was thinking that I am a lucky man to be living in Miami Florida. My friends and I ended up on the beach last night and I noticed I was really lucky to be living this close to the beach I can party on the beach, play on the beach, relax on the beach, hang out with females on the beach, and even work out on the beach most people do not get this everyday opportunity to do. I felt really special last night. I would say last night was a successful night.

I am really excited for tomorrow though because one of my great friends is planning an epic night and he is not allowed to tell anyone. So I am really happy to see what he has planned for tomorrow. Thanks for continuing following and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

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Day two Shaver

Hey Friends this is morning 2 things are going ok but I almost did not remember to blog my evening plans before I drive to work today. Nothing special has happened I am just taking it easy in Miami, Florida. Organizing to just hanging out with some friends at nine on the roof. definitely have some brews. I took Thursday off this week so if someone has any ideas of what sounds like fun let me know.

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This is my life i hope that you enjoy.

My first ejournal ever welcome to my essence and my web journal. Hey my name is Shaver and this is my first website ever. I am an energized to begin to see what is over there in the internet. If its not too much trouble be quiet with me in consideration of I have never begun an online journal before I will attempt to post ordinary to see the input I would be able to get regarding my existence.

A debt of gratitude is in order regarding taking after me on this great web. I am looking forward to got notification from you and any prescriptions you may have concerning my existence, my site, or what ever you would be able to consider. Much appreciated and converse with you soon planet.

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